In September 2015, AfriMission Renaissance was founded by Edward Ikeomu in Roodepoort, South Africa with the purpose of reawakening interest for indigenous missions in Africa.It is an indigenous mission initiative of Word Eternity Ministries International (Ministere International De La Parole Eternelle) ; a registered non-profit and public benefit organisation in South Africa.

The organisation in collaboration with local Churches, Independent Ministries and other Christian organisations and associations engages in mobilising, training and sending men and women into the Harvest Fields of the least-reached and un-engaged people groups in rural and urban areas in Africa. Its main focus is to evangelise, disciple and equip Christians for the work of ministry. We are focused and passionate  and committed to investing our resources among the Un-reached People Groups.

The AfriMission Renaissance Mandate is to raise and send into the mission fields, an army of fervent missionaries for power evangelism, Church planting and discipleship, validated by New Life and character transformation.

There are 3000 people groups in Africa and over 900 are least-reached. A century represents a period of ten decades (100 years, 1,200 months or 36,525 days as the case may be). According to the average life span of man on earth, it would not be wrong to conclude that by the next 36,525 days, none of these people will remain on earth. 85 people die every minute without Christ. When a second ticks away, many get closer to their graves: nay, closer to hell rather than their graves.

"Every Heart without Christ is a Mission Field and Every Heart with Christ is a Missionary."
Rev. Edward Ikeomu
Director: AfriMission Renaissance

If you are a teacher or you are gifted with particular skills, you can make an enormous impact on an entire community through education that offers hope for a better life. You might teach English, Maths, Basic health, Computers, or other Life skills that will enable people to secure a stable future. All these would be platforms for teaching them about the brightest future of all-eternal life.

Whether through providing clean water, improving agriculture, empowering people through small businesses, or providing relief in drought or natural disaster, we can use your skills to provide compassionate, holistic service in Christ’s name. Our team can work with you to match your skills, experience, education, interests and time-frame with a ministry in Africa.


As a nurse or doctor you can provide compassionate care to the sick or make an impact to those suffering with HIV and AIDS epidemic and tropical diseases in remote and rural communities in Africa. If you are looking to get a taste of world mission, a short-term assignment may be right for you.