Seeing The Invisible 1


| Read: Genesis 30: 27-43

From this text of Scripture, it is obvious that Laban, Jacob’s father in-law observed that his prosperity was tied to the presence of Jacob in his family. Jacob had served Laban faithfully for fourteen years, and having been cheated so many times by Laban, entered into a new bargain with him, which would enable him (Jacob) provide for his family.

In the new deal, Jacob asked that his wages should be the spotted, ring-streaked, speckled, brown goats and sheep in Laban’s flock. Laban quickly consented to the deal because the speckled, ring-streaked, spotted and brown animals were few, inferior and rare. He quickly removed the partly coloured animals from the rest of the flock, leaving Jacob with one coloured animals.

Laban envisaged that if the partly coloured animals were separated from the rest of the flock, that the flock left for Jacob to tend being either all white or all black, would not produce partly coloured animals, which would eventually leave Jacob with nothing. The animals, both male and female were either all white or all black (the Bible did not actually specify the colour of the animals that Laban left for Jacob to tend when the spotted, speckled, brown and ring-streaked were taken away from him). So, it appeared that they were either all white or all black.

Laban being shrewd and crafty was delighted with the new deal because it was another opportunity for him to cheat Jacob and have him work for nothing. He was not aware that Jacob was equipped with a spiritual principle that could affect the colours of the animals left for him to tend.

And it came to pass at the time the cattle conceived, that I lifted up mine eyes, and saw in a dream, and, behold, the rams which leaped upon the cattle were ringstraked, speckled, and grisled. Genesis 31: 10

Jacob now left with one coloured animals, peeled and marked large spots and stripes on sticks and set them before the animals, where they were watered. As the animals gazed at the peeled and marked sticks when they drank water; and because they were in their heat, they conceived and brought forth spotted, ring-streaked and speckled sheep and goats. This is the principle that Jacob used to multiply his flock, thus, increasing his wealth.

Principle: Beholding the invisible with the inner eyes, the eyes of the human spirit; that is seeing beyond the natural circumstances can effect a tangible change in an impossible situation.

Ruminate: If God could affect a change in the genetic structure of animals just because they fixed their attention on the marked and stripped sticks, He can do much more for us if we fix our eyes on the invisible. So what do you fix your eyes on?


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